Czech cup and Czech championships 2007

Lipno nad Vltavou

The most appreciated race of the Czech whitewater slalom kayaking season - Czech championships. Very difficult nature course under the Lipno dam is always a guarantee of a unique piece of experience. Even this year it has not disappointed us.

M: A weekend I do was looking forward to! Hard test of my abilities in the area of top world races. In these days I found out what is the worst enemy for us – bad sound quality and low level of signal strength. Our style is based on making an incredible atmosphere to visitors have fun and that’s why we need to go pretty hard, but when the technique doesn’t work nearly at all... I have to say that these days were very nervy for me. The race was organized very well, but I would call from the point of view of a speaker these days as “Be taken captive by an inscrutable technique for two days “.

D: The third year when I arrived to the from my point of view the best and totally fair course to participate in the most important race of the whole season not only in a role of a racer. I’m really happy that much more visitors arrived this year than the year before. However I’m very sorry that when I recall this race I don’t see a great victory of Stanislav Jezek even if he made a horrible mistake, because instead I see problems problems and problems with the sound. I had to be inclined over the hand rail of bridge, because that was the only position where signal for microphone (the only one working!) was strong enough.

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