International whitewater festival Wave2007

České Budějovice, August 2007

Already second year of International Whitewater Festival Wave. MaD speakers in positions of commentators of races, moderators of concerts and social programme, press agent and also in the role of organizers of the festival.

M: My first big commentary experience. All of a sudden I was on the commentator centre with Dan in the same role. First of all I thought he wants to make a short interview with me about my race strategy, but I found out very fast what’s really going on! Probably it was because we know each other very well and for a long time, maybe also because Dan was already experienced enough, I think, especially thanks to World Cup and Majales. Whatever the reason was, we were on the “same wave” in a moment. I started to have a feeling that this cooperation could work... Now I know it for sure!

D: Second year of festival Wave, again in the role of head of communication department including naturally commentary and moderation. I believe it was a huge step for the festival in general and the largest step in commentary. I was working with Mira for the first time and the quality increased very much. Some people are looking for each other, to find a “wingman”. We have found.

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