Czech championship in whitewater slalom kayaking

6th – 7th September 2008 Lipno nad Vltavou

M and D speakers were working together on Sunday only, but also maybe thanks to that, Sunday was pretty wild. The course under the Lipno dam was great as we are used to and we belive, that the atmosphere was "going" on the same "wave".

D: One speaker on a water action in Ceske Budejovice, the second one on a race under the Lipno Lake. That was the Saturday’s reality. But on Sunday Czech championship was taking place and we were both there.

Thanks to Kuba Prüher who provided the sound we could show how a race of slalom kayaking could look like. There was only a limitation with highs, due to we had to set our voices on a lower level. Because of the kind of race we decided to do commentary just in Czech and thanks to that we could have a much more larger cohesion. From my point of view it’s a huge different between when only one of us is working or we’re working together. We can cooperate, support mutually, speak in much higher rate and what I like most is to prepare a “commentary smash” for each other. We need to learn, and that’s good, because we want to learn and we want to prove that we use "words for audience, style for atmosphere…"

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