ICF Junior Slalom Racing World Championship

25th – 27th July 2008, Roudnice nad Labem

Also the bosses of ICF (International Canoe Federation) were not only taking part in Junior World Championship 2008 in Roudnice nad Labem, but took a satisfaction too.

D: We arrived from our trip to Great Britain a bit earlier to get absolutely ready for this top race. We’ve arrived to Roudnice already on Thursday to find out all the most actual pieces of information. During Friday’s team races we are getting in our usual ease which was unfortunately totally dead on Saturday because of huge technically problems. Finally on Sunday was everything working quite correctly and we could go in our way. Closing ceremony was simply great for me. To the last I don’t know in which languages speeches will be given. Finally it was in Czech, French and German and I interpreted all of them in English and foreign in Czech naturally. That was really fun. I do liked it...

World Champin Ship slalom junior Roudnice nad Labem

ICF World Champs 2008- Sue Clark

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