MaD speakers
...voices of speakers are rising and that's why the audience is going harder and harder...
...the possible hero is ready to go and is trating to do the best!
That's how performances on human limits are made -
- the best performance of the racer and of the audience too...

Who are we?

We're moderators and commentator (speakers) that care primarily for the audience. We want to make that kind of atmosphere to each visitor can enjoy every kind of activity as much as possible.

We're able to comment in Czech and in English, we also work on communication level in French (live interviews with immediate translation for public).

For our way of work is typical detailed preparation and high working performance, that's why we can get ready for various activities. And not only for sports activities, but also social actions (leaving balls, company parties,...) and also official ceremonies.

We aren't typical „speakers from radio“. Yes, we have our own special style. We're making escalating atmosphere and our main goal is always the same and we don't care if we're speakers of World championships in whitewater slalom kayaking or different top sport race, leaving ball or mass festival – we want to make an unique atmosphere and make the visitors happy and having fun.

Why choose us? Because the visitor should have fun…

words for audience, style for atmosphere...
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